1853 Gallery

Located at a UNESCO World Heritage site this fantastic gallery is a place of interest for lovers of art, history and architecture. The Salts Mill in which the gallery resides is an exceedingly interesting place to learn about the varied history of Bradford.

When you have done that it is time to look at some of the great paintings on offer. The ground floor of the mill has a gallery that is a permanent exhibition. In it you will get to see some of the best work by celebrated artist David Hockney.

If there are any paintings that you are particularly enamoured with then you will get an opportunity to buy a print of it from the second floor gift shop. This is also where customers can purchase some fantastic art books.

There is also the Saltaire Exhibition. This tells the public the history of the local area along with the salt mill that has become an important aspect of Bradford culture. This is a must see exhibition for fans of Henry Marvell Carr. This is because it showcases some of his most exciting work.

Fuse Art Space

This is a much smaller area but it can often contain some must see works of art. The work on offer is modern art that has an experimental edge to it. The exhibitions on offer are constantly changing so you never know what you are going to see.

Often artists will use the art space to create immersive work that uses not just sight but also sound and touch. This create an experience that is much more unique than the average art gallery. This is the best place in Bradford to go to if you want to experience the newest forms of artistic expression and share it with your friends and family.