There are so many great artists that come from Bradford. This is because the place has a rich culture to inspire the soul. Here are some of the very best individuals.

Joolz Denby

Joolz Denby is an artist from Bradford with a difference. Rather than work on canvases her medium of choice is human skin. She is renowned for being one of Britain’s leading tattoo artists. Her work is highly intricate. As well as being a tattooist she is also a lauded visual artist whose work is often exhibited in Bradford’s galleries.

Mick Manning

Mick Manning is an illustrator who is most often associated with the children’s book genre. He attended Bradford College where he was taught by Quentin Blake. Blake is considered one of the greatest children’s book illustrators in his own right. Manning has followed in Blake’s tradition and has made some truly memorable works. This is done with his long term collaborator, Brita Granström.

Walter C. Foster

Foster is a lesser known artist whose work was exhibited for eight years at Cartright Hall in the year 1911. Born in 1887 the artist has sadly been less remembered in modern times. This is likely due to the fact so many other great creatives have been born in Bradford since then.

Peter Layton

Layton was born in 1938 and works with glass. Glass art is one of the less commonly used mediums and as such his work is often in high demand. He helped to create the Contemporary Glass Society.

Norman Stevens, RA

Stevens is another artist whose work has become overshadowed by more modern ones. He was born in 1937 and enjoyed a successful career in the creative industry before passing away in 1988. He became a member of the ARA (Associate of the Royal Academy) in the year 1983.