Bradford is not just the best place to check out some of the UK’s best paintings, sculptures and photos. It is also one of the most enjoyable locations if you want a day out with the family. There is so much on offer. Because of this vast choice it can be difficult to decide where to go. Luckily we are on hand to give you our list of the very places to visit in Bradford.

  • Bingley Five Rise Locks

If you love to visit canals then look no further than Bingley Five Rise Locks. This area in particular has an interesting history which visitors can explore. As the name suggests there are five locks which boats need to pass through in order to get from one end to the other. It is a great geographical landmark.

  • Alhambra Theatre

If you want to take in a show then why not do in style. This ornate theatre has a luxurious atmosphere as noted by many reviewers. In some cases people have been more impressed by the architecture of the place than the actual plays that they put on. It is truly the jewel of all the theatres within Bradford.

  • The Peace Museum

If you want to experience the polar opposite of the Imperial War Museum then look no further. This quaint establishment that pays tribute to non violence. It is a great place for families to take children in order to educate them on the struggles of the past and how war is never the answer.

  • Peel Park

If the weather is fine and you fancy a picnic then you cannot go wrong with Peel Park. The area has some great walking trails and plenty of activities for children. The park is also renowned for how well kept and clean it is.